We are a coalition of Baltimore women from all over the city, uniting together to be a force of engagement, action, solutions, and hope in the city and across the state. Our diversity of experience, race, age, background, and perspective gives us our strength, and our voice.  



We aim to:


Have events on the 8th of every month to mark the anniversary of the election and to demonstrate that we must continue to stay active and engaged.


Provide an entry to events and actions sponsored by other groups and non-profits around the City and State.


Work towards being an organized force for the 2018 election. 


Upcoming 8th Days of Action

August 8:  Canvass with us!  We will continue to knock on doors and talk with women in each legislative district who have not had a strong history of voting. We will start at the 29th Street Community Center on 300 E. 29th Street, 21218. Your district captains will have your clipboards and information.


More details coming soon!

September 8:  Another evening of canvassing! Door knocking to help boost voter turnout for women.  6:00pm-8:30 More details coming soon!

October 8:  Training on fundraising for BWU's PAC. Details coming soon.

November 8:  BWU Fundraiser!  Commemorate the Anniversary of the disappointment of the last election by supporting BWU and women candidates. More details coming soon.

December 8:  Holiday reception!.  Mingle with the women candidates who have already filed for office. Only candidates who have filed with the Maryland or Baltimore City Board of Elections will be joining us in their capacity as candidates.  Details coming soon!


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