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Steering Committee

The steering committee of Baltimore Women United is responsible for making critical decisions to advance our  work to establish a just and equitable Baltimore, Maryland, and United States of America. This includes, but is not limited to, putting structures in place to advance the ideas and desired actions of the membership of Baltimore Women United, while preserving high standards for serving as conscientious allies to all who seek a just society.


Denise Gilmore (Co-Chair)
Odette Ramos (Co-Chair)
Charly Carter
Ricarra Jones
Jessica Klaitman

Giuliana Valencia Banks
Patricia Watson

Additional Committees


The BWU Advocacy Committee keeps track of actions by partner organizations and encourages women to attend those actions.  The Advocacy Committee also plans BWU specific advocacy including lobby day, rallies, letter writing and other actions. The Advocacy Committee keeps track of what's happening on issues BWU cares about.  Would you like to be involved in this committee or want to learn more? Sign-up here.


The BWU Communications committee establishes and carries out effective information sharing and engagement among BWU members. The Committee also informs the public and press of events and issues when appropriate.

Would you like to be involved in this committee or want to learn more? Sign-up here.

Baltimore Women’s March Planning Committee

The Annual Baltimore Women’s March is a huge undertaking and volunteers power it’s success! Join this committee to help out. Sign-up here

Women’s Suffrage Celebration Committee

The year 2020 is the 100th Anniversary of the Women’s Right to Vote. We want to celebrate this history and make sure to tell the full story of women who were also denied that right. We will work with various organizations to bring this celebration to life, and likely it would span the whole year. Sign-up here.

Baltimore Women United In Action PAC and political organizing

2020 is a big election year, and BWU wants to elect as many women as possible to City Council, President, and other offices. Join us as we plan this strategy and work to increase the number of women in political office. Sign-up here.